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Language Installation Program Help

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Language Installation Program
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Table 1. Troubleshooting the LIP

User message or problem


The default language area is empty.


  • In the select application list, select a product. If the default language area remains empty, language files do not exist for this product, or the specified language file location is incorrect. Verify that the files are present and that the language pack(s) location setting is correct.

  • The selected product does not support a default language that is different from the language of the server.
The two fields in the additional languages area are empty or are unavailable. The selected product does not support additional languages.
No Metasys server or application selections appear in the select applications. The computer has no applicable Metasys products installed.

Connection failed, check device settings.


  • The name or IP address of the specified Site Director or engine is invalid.
  • The specified user name or password is invalid.
  • The server, engine, or client where the LIP tool resides is offline.
  • The user password must be changed. Log in to the Site Director or to the engine, change the user password, and try the operation again.
  • A private or local network might not have DNS support to connect with engines by Hostname. Add the engine to the Hosts file on the machine with LIP installed, or connect by IP address.

Connection failed, check SQL credentials.

The LIP tool failed to connect to the database. Make sure you specify a valid database instance name and valid login credentials.

log.txt does not currently exist.

The log file cannot be found at the expected location. Either the file does not exist or someone deleted the file.

Language source directory does not exist.

The language source directory from a previous operation no longer exists.

Missing config file, <language pack location> must contain ini file.

The folder where the language packs are located does not contain a configuration .ini file. The .ini file for the product must be copied to the same parent folder as the language pack files.

Too many config files <language pack location> can only contain a single ini file.

The folder that contains the language packs has more than one configuration file. Delete unnecessary .ini files.

Invalid config file, cannot read <language pack location>

The folder where the language packs are located contains a configuration file that is unreadable. Replace the .ini file with a new one downloaded from the LIP home page on the Johnson Controls portal.

Failed to select <product>. Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

The LIP tool cannot read the products from the configuration file. The file could be invalid or corrupt. Replace the .ini file with an updated copy from the LIP home page on the Johnson Controls portal.

<language:locale> already installed.

The language you want to set as the default language is already installed as the default. Select Yes to reload it, or select No to cancel.