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Important: To change the locale for a language on a Metasys user interface, make sure you log out and close the web browser window. Also, make sure all users log out of the Metasys clients, including the Site Management Portal and the Metasys UI.
Note: If you want to change the locale of an ADX computer with the Metasys Advanced Reporting System to any language other than English, you must add English as an additional language on that computer to ensure the Metasys Advanced Reporting feature functions properly.


  1. Start the LIP tool.
  2. In the Language Pack(s) location window, verify, or change if necessary the file location of the product's translated language packs. Click OK.
  3. In the Settings menu, select Localization.
  4. In the Select Application list, select a product. For example, to change the locale for the System Configuration Tool, select System Configuration Tool (SCT 10.x and above) .
    Note: For a product to appear in the Select Application list, you must install the product on the computer. For example, if the computer does not have SCT installed, SCT is not listed.
  5. In the Language area, select a language.
  6. In the Country Locale area, select a locale and click Localize. A Restart Metasys window opens to notify you that the system logs out any user currently logged in. To change the default locale, click OK. The Results window displays the status of your request, and the system saves the results to a text file called log.txt. To open the results, click the Results hyperlink. If the Results window contains an error message, see Troubleshooting.
  7. In the Language and Country Locale area, in the In Use fields, verify that the details are correct.
    If you selected the Metasys server and want to add additional languages, see Adding a language.
  8. If you changed the Metasys server, restart the server for the change to take effect.