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Language Installation Program
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User Guide
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Network engines, including the SNx, NAE, and LCS85, support only the network engine default language, so make sure the Site Director and all engines on the site use the same default language. When users log in to a network engine directly, the UI displays the network engine default language. This process occurs even if users have different languages assigned to their profiles in the Metasys server.

When you change the default language or locale for a network engine (such as an SNE, SNC, NAE, or NCE), the LIP copies the translated language files from your computer to the appropriate folder on the network engine. After you make the change and the engine restarts, the newly selected language then becomes the language that is presented to all users of that network engine. For instructions on how to change the default language or locale, see Changing the locale for a language on a network engine or Changing the default language on a network engine.