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Language Installation Program
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When you change the default language or locale for a Metasys server or software application, the translated language files that you download and save to your computer are copied to the appropriate file location for the server, application, or engine. The newly selected language then becomes the default language that is presented to the users. When you add an additional language for the Metasys UI, you need to restart the Metasys UI server. Be sure to plan for this temporary downtime because all users currently logged in to the Metasys UI are logged out during this process.

You can customize the language that displays in the Metasys UI for each user using the User Menu > Administrative Tasks > User Management menu. To customize the language for only the currently logged in user, use the User Menu > My Profile menu. If a language is not selected from the User Menu, the Metasys UI uses the same default language as the server.

Verify that any languages that you want to view on the Metasys UI are also installed on the Windows Server.

After you have added additional languages for the Metasys UI, the application pool for Metasys UI is automatically recycled.

For instructions on how to change the default language on a Metasys server, see Changing the default language on a Metasys server or application.

You can add additional languages to Metasys server and software applications; for example, the ADS and SCT. However, you cannot add a language that is currently specified as the default language. These additional languages allow users to have languages other than the default language assigned to their account. For instructions on how to add a language, see Adding a language.

You can remove a language from the list of additional languages. The Additional Languages column in the LIP tool provides a list of additional languages. For instructions on how to remove a language, see Removing a language.

You can change the locale for the Site Management Portal (SMP), or for System Configuration Tool based applications. Set the locale setting for Metasys UI and Advanced Reporting from the user's local browser settings. For example, specify the German/Germany (de_DE) as the language to install during the internationalize function, and specify German/Liechtenstein (de_LI) locale during the localize function. For instructions on how to change the locale, see Changing the locale for a language on a Metasys server or application.

Note: For a split ADX, perform all LIP operations locally on the web or application server computer. You cannot access the web or application server remotely with the LIP. Also, do not run the LIP tool on the database server computer.