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Language Installation Program
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When you start the LIP, the Language Pack(s) location screen appears.

Figure 1. Language Pack(s) location screen

Verify, or use the browse button to select the location of the language pack files. The specified location must be correct for the LIP to provide change, add, and remove language operations. The file location must be the local drive or a mapped network drive that is assigned a drive letter. For more information, refer to the Obtaining Translated Language Packs of the Language Installation Program Installation Guide (LIT-12011793)

Note: Specify a server name using the Microsoft® Windows® universal naming convention (UNC). For example, the following is permitted: \\servername\sharename\path\filename.

The configuration file config.ini for the product must also be located in the same top-level folder as the language pack files. If the LIP cannot find the configuration file, a Missing config file message appears. A separate config.ini file is provided for each translation.