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Figure 1 shows the components of the LIP localization window. For information on each component, see Table 1.

Note: The localization function is only available for SMP and SCT based applications and not for Metasys Advanced Reporting based products.
Figure 1. LIP localization window: example uses SCT product

Table 1. LIP localization window options
Callout Description


Menu bar options:

Settings: Language Files Location, Internationalization, Localization, Translate LIP

Help: Info, About, Device Examples


Language Pack path: location previously selected where the LIP tool looks for translated language files.


Select Application: select a product from the list. For remote applications, the list contains all options. For local applications, the list only contains those applications that are currently installed on the computer.


Install Path: the folder where Metasys products are installed


Languages in use: the number of languages currently installed for the selected product


Language: lists the default base languages that you downloaded and unzipped to your computer. The In Use field indicates which language is currently installed for the product you selected.


Country Locale: lists the locales that you downloaded and unzipped to your computer. The In Use field indicates which locale is currently installed for the selected product.


Default Language: indicates what the default language changes to when you press the Change button.


Results: captures results of LIP actions. This pane is empty each time you start the LIP. Click the Results hyperlink to view the results of all LIP actions from the time you installed the LIP. The log file opens in the default text editor. Locate the file here:

C:\Program Files\Johnson Controls\LIP\log.txt