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LN VAV Box Controllers Product Bulletin

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LN Series Variable Air Volume (VAV) and Variable Air Volume and Temperature (VVT) Controllers
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Product Bulletin
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Flexible inputs and outputs

Allows multiple signal options to provide input and output flexibility.

Models with built-in actuator with integrated position feedback
Minimizes installation time by incorporating all control components into a single mountable package. Position feedback reassures users and field technicians of the VAV box damper’s actual position and eliminates periodic damper re-initialization.
Built-in air-flow sensor
Provides precise air-flow monitoring and control at low and high air flow rates, allowing the design for maximum energy efficiency while maintaining an optimal comfort level.
LonMark certified

Ensures interoperability with other LonMark devices. LonMark International has independently tested and certified these products.

The following features are specific to the LN-VAV04060-0 model:

Preloaded applications

Saves field technician’s setup time, by enabling them to configure a VAV controller using a standard preloaded application, without the need to custom program an application.

Fully programmable

Flexibility for technicians to create custom control sequences capable of meeting the most demanding control requirements.

Highly accurate universal inputs

Freedom to use your preferred or engineer-specified sensors. Support for thermistors and resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) that range from 0 Ω to 350 kΩ, as well as support for inputs that require 0 to 10 VDC or 0 to 20 mA with an external resistor.

Rugged inputs and outputs

Eliminates the need for external protection components, such as diodes for 12 VDC relays.

Integrated VAV performance assessment control charts (VPACC) control sequences

Automatically detects when the VAV is operating outside of its design parameters.

Extended daisy-chaining

Allows for up to 20 VAV controllers or up to 950 feet of wiring to be connected to the same transformer offering an opportunity to save on installation costs.

Optimized air balancing

Saves field technician’s time during commissioning. The flow sensor requires no zero flow calibration, and its variable-speed motor goes to minimum and maximum flow position in half the time of typical VAV actuators.