Introduction - Metasys - LIT-12011549 - Supervisory Device - LCS85 Controller - 12.0

LCS85 Product Bulletin

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LCS85 Controller
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Figure 1. Metasys UI on LCS85

The LCS85 LonWorks® Control Server uses an open-architecture flat LonWorks system to monitor and supervise HVAC equipment, lighting, security, fire, and access control. The LCS85 supports a comprehensive set of supervisory features and functions for large, technologically advanced facilities, buildings, and complexes. The LCS85 is a high-capacity server that enables the integration of large LonWorks network systems. The LCS85 can support up to four Metasys network engines.
Important: At Release 12.0, the LCS85 functions as a Site Director but not as a child device. To keep a LCS85 as a child device, do not upgrade it to Release 12.0.
Important: A new install of an LCS85 or an upgrade of an LCS85 requires Microsoft™ SQL Server. If you install or upgrade an LCS85 on the Microsoft Server Operating System (OS), you need the standard or enterprise edition of SQL Server and an SQL license. If you install or upgrade an LCS85 on your Windows 10 OS, SQL Server Express is loaded for you as part of the install if no other SQL Server instance is installed.

A single LCS85 within a building provides monitoring and control, alarm and event management, data exchange, trending, energy management, scheduling, and data storage.

The LCS85 has an embedded user interface that supports concurrently connected web browsers with password access control and the security protection technology of the IT industry.

For details about LCS8520 hardware and software requirements, see LCS85 technical specifications. For information about product ordering, see Ordering information.