Features and benefits - Metasys - LIT-12011549 - Supervisory Device - LCS85 Controller - 12.0

LCS85 Product Bulletin

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LCS85 Controller
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Product Bulletin
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ANSI/CTA-852 tunneling
Extends the distance of hard-wired field controllers and eliminates the need for a local network engine, which minimizes the cost of remote installations.
Communication using commonly accepted IT standards at the automation and enterprise level
Installs on the existing IT infrastructure within a building or enterprise. Integrates the existing network with standard IT communication services over the company intranet, wide area network, or public internet with firewall protection.
Metasys UI (Web-based UI)
Provides client device agnostic user access to the LCS85 Metasys system data from any supported web browser connected to the network.
FIPS compliance
Provides an add-on license to comply with FIPS 140-2 Level 1. For a site to be fully FIPS compliant, you need to upgrade all network engines to Release 12.0, then install and license the FIPS 140-2 feature on the LCS85 server.
Site Director function
As a Site Director, the LCS85 provides user access and easy navigation to all data on one site through one device. The Site Director coordinates the display of data from multiple NxE and SNx engines at supported releases or LCS85s at Release 11.0 and earlier.
Support for web services at the automation network level
Develops facility-specific advanced data interfaces and applications.
Supervision of field controller LonWorks networks
Supports connectivity to open network standards for complete flexibility in selection of field devices. Supported protocols include LonWorks, BACnet/IP, and BACnet/SC.
Trending, totalization, and alarming functions automatically regenerated in the Metasys system
Protects functionality using the data recording capabilities, fully integrates processing presentation, and provides storage of LonWorks network data in the web-enabled system.
Scalable system integration solution for integrating and migrating LonWorks networks
Integrates LonWorks devices in one building, a network of small buildings, or multiple LonWorks networks in a large building complex, and provides new technology while protecting existing investment.
Support for up to 25,000 objects
The LCS85 supports 10,000 objects, but can support up to 25,000 objects when enhanced with a 15,000-object upgrade. The LCS85 also minimizes the quantity of required network engines and accommodates large LonWorks databases.