LCS85 installation overview - Metasys - LIT-12011623 - Supervisory Device - LCS85 Controller - 11.0

LCS85 Installation and Upgrade Guide

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LCS85 Controller
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Installation Guide
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Install the new LCS85 software on a server-class operating system. If the system uses a release prior to Release 10.0, you must uninstall the software before you can upgrade.

Important: The operating system on the computer that you want to use for Metasys software must have been installed on a cleanly formatted hard disk. Do not use a computer that was upgraded from a previous version of Microsoft® Windows®. For example, upgraded to Windows Server 2012 R2 from Windows Server 2012. The Windows upgrade process can leave behind files and registry settings that may adversely affect the installation of Metasys system software. To verify, make sure a folder called WINDOWS.OLD does not exist on the hard disk. If the WINDOWS.OLD folder is present, reinstall the operating system from its media and make sure you format the hard disk during operating system installation. Before you reimage the computer, verify that you have all necessary software drivers.
  • The System Configuration Tool (SCT) cannot exist on the same computer as the LCS85 software. You must uninstall SCT prior to installing the LCS85 software.
  • When you install the LCS85 software, the Software Manager also installs. You can use the Software Manager to activate the license.