Determining the MAC address of the computer - Metasys - LIT-12011623 - Supervisory Device - LCS85 Controller - 11.0

LCS85 Installation and Upgrade Guide

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LCS85 Controller
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Installation Guide
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About this task

Follow these steps to determine the Media Access Control (MAC) address of your computer's network adapter used to run the LCS8520 software. The LonWorks software driver license is tied to the MAC address of the LCS85 computer.


  1. In the Control Panel, browse to Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center . Click Change adapter settings. The Network Connections window appears.
  2. Right-click the local area connection used for the LCS85 software. Click Status. The Local Area Connection Status window appears.
    Note: If multiple adapters are enabled, select the MAC address associated with the Network Interface Card you selected during the LCS85 software installation.
  3. Click Details to view the network connection details window. Write down the value shown for the Physical Address. That is the MAC address of your network adapter. Close all windows.
    Important: Make sure you record the MAC address correctly. The Neuron® ID and Gesytec keys are based on the MAC address and the LCS8520 software does not work if an incorrect MAC address is paired to the keys. You do not need the dashes in the MAC address when you later enter the number into the Gesytec software.