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LCS85 Installation and Upgrade Guide

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LCS85 Controller
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Installation Guide
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About this task

The LonWorks software driver may not always require an upgrade at each Metasys release; therefore, it is important to check the version you are using at each release. We recommend staying current with the latest LonWorks software driver because necessary fixes and enhancements are included with these upgrades.

To check the LonWorks software driver version, complete the following steps:


  1. Type EasyCheck in the Search box of the Start screen, then select EasyCheck from the Apps results. The Easylon Interface Checker window appears.
  2. On the Software Check tab, click Extended Search.
    Note: Search Files only searches the directories associated with the LonWorks software driver. Extended Search searches all directories on the hard drive.
    Figure 1. Easylon interface checker 64-bit (Gesytec Driver version Easylon-WDM_V7.9.2005-JCI)

    • The Gesytec Driver version Easylon-WDM_V7.9.2005-JCI contains several installation packages. As a result, the product versions shown in Figure 1 do not match the file name version of the driver package (Easylon-WDM_V7.9.2005-JCI).
    • For the purpose of this procedure, refer to the Product Version column of the Easylon Interface Checker. Ignore the File Version column and driver package version numbers.
    Important: If the LCS85 setup files or LonWorks software driver setup files are located on the hard disk, the software check may find one or more files associated with the installs and mark them for removal with a red circle. Do not remove the files if they are within an installation folder (C:\Program Files\Johnson Controls...). These are your LCS85 and LonWorks software setup files that were copied to the hard disk in the Installing LCS85 software section and are waiting to be installed. For example, as shown in Figure 1, the file wldv32.dll does not need to be removed from the system. (C:\Program Files\Johnson Controls... is the default location for installation files, but the files may be manually copied to a different location.)
  3. View the Product Version column. Check the product version of each wldv32.dll file in Figure 1. If the versions of the wldv32.dll files are the same, your driver does not need to be upgraded. If the versions of the wldv32.dll files are different, see Appendix: Upgrading the LonWorks software driver for upgrade instructions.
    Note: In Figure 1, the product version of the installed driver at C:\Easylon\Shared\ matches the product version of the latest driver setup file at C:\Program Files (x86)\Johnson Controls\LCS8520\X.XX.X.XXXX\Easylon-WDM_V7.9.2005-JCI\Wldv32\, so it is current.