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Kaiterra Indoor Air Quality Sensor and Metasys Integration Guide

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Kaiterra Indoor Air Quality Sensor
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Integration Guide
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The Kaiterra® Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sensor detects harmful indoor pollutants ranging from particulate matters to invisible gasses such as TVOC and CO2, and reports them on a BACnet/IP network or through a cloud connection.

You can integrate the Kaiterra IAQ sensor with any Metasys Building Automation System (BAS) device that supports a BACnet/IP integration. For additional installation flexibility, there are two types of Kaiterra sensors available to purchase, the Kaiterra Sensedge with graphic display and Kaitera Sensedge Mini.
Table 1. Kaiterra sensors overview
  Kaiterra Sensedge with graphic display Kaitera Sensedge Mini
Website https://www.kaiterra.com/en/sensedge https://www.kaiterra.com/en/sensedge-mini/
Connectivity Connectivity through Ethernet and WiFi Connectivity using Ethernet, Power over Ethernet, or WiFi
Features Graphic display with instantaneous value and trend N/A
  • Five sensors for temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide (CO2), particulate matter, and total organic compound (TVOC)
  • Replaceable particulate matters and TVOC sensors for ease of field calibration
  • Sensors are RESET approved and meet WELL v2 requirements
  • Connectivity to Metasys devices with BACnet/ IP
  • Connectivity to Open Blue Enterprise Manager through MQTT
  • Connectivity through Modbus RTU and TCP
Figure 1. Kaiterra Sensedge with graphical display with replaceable sensing element
Figure 2. Kaiterra Sensedge Mini with replaceable sensing element