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Kaiterra Indoor Air Quality Sensor and Metasys Integration Guide

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Kaiterra Indoor Air Quality Sensor
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Integration Guide
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To import the Rapid Archive Schedule into the Rapid Archive Field Controller wizard, you must include information in the Site/Building/Floor and Leaf Space columns. For example, if a Kaiterra sensor is located at:

BE Headquarters/Campus 507/Building 1/Floor 3/Room 201

In the Site/Building/Floor column enter the following:

BE Headquarters/Campus 507/Building 1/Floor 3

Then in the Leaf Space column, enter the following:

Room 201 .
Note: Before you enter space information, you may need to consolidate multiple different space hierarchies. For example, the spaces for Kaiterra sensor may be different than the spaces for HVAC zones or lighting zones. It is important to use a single space hierarchy for all integrated building systems. If you do not consolidate to a single space hierarchy, then you may unintentionally create duplicate definitions for spaces in the Metasys UI, and navigating the building can be cumbersome.