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Kaiterra Indoor Air Quality Sensor and Metasys Integration Guide

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Kaiterra Indoor Air Quality Sensor
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Integration Guide
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Kaiterra devices combined with Metasys deliver the following features and benefits:

IAQ monitoring
Helps monitor and trend real-time environmental parameters required for improving IAQ in a building
Particulate matter monitoring
Helps validate filtration effectiveness
Total volatile organic compound and carbon dioxide monitoring
Helps validate ventilation effectiveness
WELL compliant
Helps monitor performance-based features in the WELL v2 Air concepts and WELL v2 Thermal Comfort concepts
RESET approved Grade B monitor
Can be used to monitor RESET projects
Increased Metasys scope coverage
Helps you further leverage your investment in BAS
Calibration certificate
Provides individually calibrated sensors that are traceable to the NIST standard
Replacable particulate matter and TVOC sensors
Simplifies calibration in the field