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How do edits made to a Master Layer on a Site Director propagate to other devices?

For Release 13.0, propagation of the Master Layer graphic and background images from the Site Director to child engines is available only in JCT. Propagation of the Master Layer and background images occurs in JCT's Graphics Manager as you save the Master Layer when editing it or when you perform a download of the child engine from SCT.

In Metasys UI’s Graphics Manager, when you edit the Master Layer on a server, it does not propagate any change to the child engines and results in viewing discrepancies. You must use the JCT Master Layer feature and save the Master Layer again. When this is done, all devices that support graphics have the master layer saved to them in the archive. When downloaded, the child engines Metasys UI displays the updated Master Layer and background images.

Any demotion operations that are performed also result in the engine having a Master Layer graphic that does not match the new sites Master Layer. To propagate the site's Master Layer to the demoted engine, you must complete the workflow outlined above.