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What does the User menu icon look like?

Table 1. User menu icon
Icon Icon name Icon description
User menu Opens User menu options, including Archive, Feature Management, Network Security, Help, and Log Out.

What are my User menu options in JCT?

The following table outlines the User menu options that are available in JCT.

Table 2. JCT User menu options



You can access the following features in Archive:
  • Select Archive: Opens the Select Archive dialog box. You can choose your archive from a drop-down list.
  • Refresh All Archives: Opens the Refresh All Archives dialog box. You can choose to refresh all archives.
    Important: Refreshing all archives logs all users out of the JCT and refreshes all archives.
Feature Management
You can access the following features in Feature Management:
  • Graphics Manager: Administrators can manage, create, and edit graphics. You can also import and export Metasys UI graphics and Custom Symbols.
  • Remote Notifications: You can configure the routing and filtering of event and audit messages directly in the Metasys UI for each ADS/ADX or engine, without installing software on client machines.
Note: The items listed here are not visible to Non-Administrator users, with the exception of Remote Notifications.
Network Security You can access the following feature in Network Security :
  • BACnet/SC Management: Administrators can manage BACnet/SC certificates and settings with this feature.
You can access the following features in Help:
  • Help: Opens the JCT Help in a separate tab.
  • Download Logs: Downloads ActionQueue and SCT logs in .zip format.
  • About: Lists the JCT software version and the SCT software version.
  • Terms and Conditions: Opens the Terms and Conditions.
User You can see the user name of the user who is logged in here. Only the first three characters of the user name appear. The remaining characters are hidden to ensure that unauthorized users cannot gain access to the user name used to log into the system.
Log Out

Log out of JCT.

Which JCT User menu options are supported on tablet and smartphone platforms in addition to desktop?

The following table outlines the platforms currently supported for each User menu option. X indicates that the User menu option is supported.
Table 3. Platforms supported for JCT User menu options
User menu option Desktop Tablet Smartphone
Remote Notifications X    
Graphics Manager X    
BACnet/SC Management X    
Note: The User menu options Help, Archive, and Log Out are supported on all platforms.