Design Considerations - Metasys - LIT 12014068 - Equipment Controller - BELIMO 6-way EPIV - 1.0

Generic SA Bus for BELIMO 6-way EPIV integration Application Note

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LIT 12014068
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When integrating 6-way EPIV equipment, the following points should be considered:

  • Make sure all 6-way EPIV equipment is installed, set up and operating correctly before attempting to integrate into the GSAB network. (A BELIMO representative is responsible for proper operation of 6-way EPIV equipment).
  • Ensure the device addresses are set on each 6-way EPIV. Avoid addresses 0 – 3 as they are reserved on the SA Bus. Please refer to the 6-way EPIV installation & user manual document provided by BELIMO. Use the same address when adding the associated Generic SA Bus device in the CCT tool.
  • The baud rate on the SA Bus is fixed at 38,400k baud. Ensure this value is set on each 6-way EPIV unit.
  • The SA Bus is an RS485 daisy-chain topology network. It supports connections of up to ten devices, but traffic considerations and power consumption can reduce that amount. The total power consumption for the SA Bus is limited to 240mA on the SA Bus terminal block. Exceeding the total power consumption limit can result in poor bus communication and cause devices to go offline.
  • The proper JCPKG file, representing the specific BACnet MS/TP device to be integrated is required. This file includes the point list for a specific BACnet MS/TP device, it is used by the CCT tool to add the device to the application when configuring the Equipment Controller. Please note that it is not possible to configure GSAB integration without a specific JCPKG file.
  • Follow SA Bus rules in MS/TP Communications Bus Technical Bulletin, LIT-12011034.
  • Apply CCT Release Mode 10.6 / Firmware 10.0 when creating the CAF file.
  • We recommend installing the BELIMO Assistant App – a smartphone application for easy commissioning, configuring and maintenance. The Assistant App can access the 6-way EPIV device using NFC connectivity.
  • If necessary, set Max Master parameter on the 6-way EPIV to an appropriate value to avoid additional latency on the SA Bus.
  • Use separate power supplies for the Equipment Controller and 6-way EPIV. Common power supply will cause poor bus communication and devices may go offline.
Figure 1. Separate power supply