Features and Benefits - Metasys - LIT-1901050 - Supervisory Device - UL864 UUKL Listed Device - 8.1

Firefighter's Smoke Control Station (FSCS) Catalog Page

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UL864 UUKL Listed Device
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Catalog Page
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Graphical Representation of Building
Helps the firefighter visualize the floors of the building without the need for schematics.
Easy Integration
Allows for easy integration with the Metasys FX UL/cUL 864 UUKL 10th Edition Smoke Control system. The FSCS panel overrides the pre-programmed, pre-approved Metasys FX smoke control logic.
Positive Status and Fault Indicators
Provide assessment of each smoke control zone and each piece of smoke control equipment.
Convenient Control Switches
Allow the firefighter to override dampers and fans to effectively influence the migration of smoke throughout the building.
Pre-Built in the Factory
Allows for quick and simple field installation. All switches and lamps are pre-wired to the unit's field controller.
Double-Locked Enclosure
Protects panel from unauthorized access with two locks.
Audible Alarms
Activate if the feedback point failed to provide positive feedback that a command was executed within the response time.
Figure 1. Typical FSCS Panel