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Fan Coil Unit FCU16 Controller Product Bulletin

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Table 1. Fan Coil Unit FCU16 Controller Series Point Type Counts Per Model

Point Types

Signals Accepted


Universal Input (UI)

Defined as 0–10 VDC, 4–20 mA, 0–600k ohm, or Binary Dry Contact


Binary Input (BI)

Dry Contact Maintained Mode

Pulse Counter/Accumulator Mode (High Speed) 100 Hz


Binary Output (BO)

Defined as 100 VAC Triac


Three-Speed Fan Binary Output

3 A Motor Load 100–240 VAC


LED Output

18 VDC Nominal Open-Circuit

15 mA Maximum Short Circuit


Table 2. Ordering Information
Product Code Number Description


13-Point Fan Coil Unit Controller with 2 UI, 4 BI, 4 BO, and 3 RO, 100 VAC, SA Bus, FC Bus

Table 3. Accessories (Order Separately)
Product Code Number Description
MS-BTCVT-1 Wireless Commissioning Converter, with Bluetooth® technology
MS-DIS1710-0 Local Controller Display: Refer to the Local Controller Display Product Bulletin (LIT-12011272) for more information.
MS-ZFR1811-0 Wireless Field Bus Router, 10 mW Transmission Power. Functions with Metasys BACnet FECs, VMA1600s, and WRZ-TTx Series Wireless Mesh Room Temperature Sensors.
ZFR-USBHA-0 Universal Serial Bus (USB) Dongle with ZigBee® Driver provides a wireless connection through the Controller Configuration Tool (CCT) to allow wireless commissioning of the wirelessly enabled field controllers. Also allows use of the ZFR Checkout Tool (ZCT) in CCT.
AP-TBK4SA-0 Replacement MS/TP SA Bus Terminal, 4-Position Connector, Brown, Bulk Pack
AP-TBK4FC-0 Replacement MS/TP FC Bus Terminal, 4-Position Connector, Blue, Bulk Pack
AP-TBKFCU-0 Replacement Terminal Blocks for FCU Controller