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FAC4911 Advanced Application Field Equipment Controller Installation Guide

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FAC49 Advanced Application Field Equipment Controller
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Installation Guide
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You use the rotary switches on the FAC4911 models to set the controller number. You can use the controller number to physically identify the controller and relate it to the building drawings. The factory default BACnet device ID is calculated from the value of the controller number added to 2000000. For proper identification and communication, each equipment controller on a BACnet/SC or BACnet/IP network must have a unique BACnet device ID on the subnet where it resides. To ensure this unique value, configure the BACnet device ID in CCT instead of relying on the default calculation. This step is necessary on sites with more than 1000 devices as controller numbers are duplicated.

The controller number is set using three rotary switches and may be numbered from 000 to 999. The numbers are ordered from left to right, most significant decimals to least significant decimals.

In Figure 1, the switches are set to 4 2 5, designating this controller as controller number 425. You can write the controller number in the white squares provided so the controller number is more visible from a distance.

Figure 1. Rotary switch for setting controller numbers