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FAC3611 Advanced Application Controller Installation Guide

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FAC36 Advanced Application Field Equipment Controller
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The UI current loop fail-safe jumper pins are located on the circuit board under the controller cover near the UI terminals.

Note: Current Loop Jumpers are not included with the MS-FAC3611-0A. (Asia only model.)
Figure 1. Current loop jumper positions

Set the current loop jumper to the Enabled position (Figure 1) to connect an internal 100 ohms resistor across the UI terminals, which maintains the 4–20 mA current loop circuit even when power to the controller is interrupted or off.

Important: Current loop jumpers must be in the Disabled (default) position for all UIs that are not set up to operate as 4–20 mA analog inputs.

The following table identifies the current loop switches associated with each UI on the controller.