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FAC3611 Advanced Application Controller Installation Guide

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FAC36 Advanced Application Field Equipment Controller
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Installation Guide
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By default, the Metasys system FEC Family Controllers and network sensors communicate using the standard BACnet protocol based on the ANSI/ASHRAE 135-2008. The BACnet protocol is a standard for ANSI, ASHRAE, and the International Standards Organization (ISO) for building controls.

FEC, VMA16, and VMA18 are BTL-listed as BACnet Application Specific Controllers (B-ASCs). FAC Field Controllers and the VMA1930 Field Controller are BTL-listed as BACnet Advanced Application Controllers (B-AACs). The NS Series Sensors are BTL-listed as BACnet Smart Sensors (B-SSs).

Release 10.1 and later of the Controller Configuration Tool (CCT) can be used to switch the Field Bus communications protocol in supported FEC Family Field Controllers to be either the standard BACnet MS/TP or the N2 protocol. All new controllers use BACnet MS/TP as the default communications protocol. Switchable communications protocols in the MS/TP models provide a cost-effective upgrade and modernization path for customers with existing N2 controllers.

The N2-capable FEC Family Controllers can be used as functional replacements for legacy N2 controllers. The N2-capable FEC Family Controllers:
  • have the input and output (I/O) quantities and characteristics of the FEC Family Controllers
  • must be programmed with CCT
  • support SA Bus devices
  • support WRZ wireless sensors from the controller using the WRZ-7860 receiver (most models)
  • are available in Buy American versions (most models)
The N2-capable controllers:
  • do not support Zone Bus (for example, TMZ sensors and M100 actuators) or XT-Bus (System 91) devices (for example, XT, XTM, and XP modules)
  • do not support a wireless connection to the N2 bus
  • do not support NxE passthrough