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Energy Essentials Installation Guide

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Metasys Advanced Reporting System and Energy Essentials
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Installation Guide
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This section corresponds to Step 2 in Figure 1.

  • The Metasys release version of Metasys Energy Essentials must match the release version of the ADX/ODS. If you are upgrading the ADX/ODS and have an older release of Energy Essentials installed, you must upgrade and license Energy Essentials to the same version as the ADX/ODS.
    Important: The latest available version of the ODS is Release 10.1. The ODS is not available for upgrade to Metasys Release 11.0.
  • If you are using a split ADX configuration, install Energy Essentials on the web/application server computer.
  • To use Metasys Energy Essentials, you must license the product. For more information about how to license Energy Essentials, refer to Software Manager Help (LIT-12012389).
  1. To start the installation, go to the License Portal at and download the Energy Essentials software.
  2. After the download completes, extract the downloaded .zip file.
  3. Open the folder called Metasys Energy Essentials and double-click the installation file called MetasysEnergyEssentials_11.0.exe. The installation program checks that you have all required prerequisites. If you are missing a prerequisite, cancel the installation and install the required software.
  4. Click Install. The Progress window appears and go to Step 7; or, click Custom to enter the authentication credentials. The Database window appears.
    Note: The Energy Essentials installation program selects the same Microsoft® SQL Server® instance that the ADX or ODS uses. If Energy Essentials installs on a unified ADX, the IP address of the ADX appears. If Energy Essential installs on the web/application server of the split ADX configuration, the IP address of the database computer appears.
  5. Click the Windows authentication credentials of current user option to log in to SQL Server using the name and password of the user currently logged in to the Microsoft Windows® operating system; or, click the Server authentication using the Login ID and password below option to use a SQL Server System Administrator (sa) ID and password.
  6. Click Install.
  7. In the Progress window, click Finish. The installation is complete. If you receive a message to restart the computer, restart now.
    Note: Wait five minutes before you log in to the Metasys Advanced Reporting System UI so that the initialization processes can occur. License the Energy Essentials software. Before you use Energy Essentials, perform the additional steps as indicated in Figure 1.