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Metasys Advanced Reporting System and Energy Essentials
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Energy Essentials offers the following seven reports:

  • Big picture energy: a single high-level report that includes normalized source energy use
  • Consumption: similar to Big Picture Energy, a report that offers another level of detail on energy use in the default units of each energy type
  • Electrical energy: a report focused on electrical energy information, including usage, peak demand, reactive power, and power factor
  • Production: a report focused on the energy that your site produces, including efficiency. For example, this report allows you to see the true efficiency of your natural gas generator
  • Simple energy cost: our first packaged cost-based report, offering an easy-to-configure high-level view of energy costs. This report is not intended as a billing validation report
  • Load profile: a report focused on the daily demand profile, containing key information for developing strategies to minimize or defer peaks
  • Equipment runtime: a report dedicated to the hours of runtime for equipment that typically is a large percentage of overall usage; the report also includes the number of equipment starts for the reporting period