Troubleshooting: Attribute Name to ID Conversion Tool - Metasys - LIT-12012254 - Software Application - Metasys Database Manager - 13.0

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Metasys Database Manager
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Error or Error Message


You receive a JCIHistorian Database Exception window after you complete the Metasys Server installation or upgrade.

There is a problem with the contents of the JCIHistorian database that prevented the tool from upgrading the database automatically.

The problem is caused by one of three issues:
  • Trend samples stored with different attribute names for the same attribute of a field point cannot be merged.
  • An attribute name cannot be translated.
  • More than one attribute is possible for the same attribute.

Follow the steps in the Manually Launching the Attribute Name to ID Conversion Tool section to resolve any or all of these issues.

The Metasys Server installation or upgrade ended with the following error code:

<error number>

<error text>

An error was reported from the operating system. There are many possible errors that can occur.

Review the following information provided by the two methods to determine the error:

  1. Locate the MPI.LOG file in the C:\Users\tasw\AppData\Local\Temp folder.
  2. Click the View log for more details link on the Database conversion fail screen. The Editor dialog box appears with details regarding the error.

You receive a Duplicate Key window after launching the tool manually.

The ADS sent new trend samples for points that are being converted. Exit the tool and manually launch it again.

If the issue persists, copy the MPI.* files from the C:\Users\tasw\AppData\Local\Temp folder and contact your local Johnson Controls® field support representative for more information.