Data Precision Enhancement Tool Requirements and Restrictions - Metasys - LIT-12012254 - Software Application - Metasys Database Manager - 13.0

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  • You do not always need to run the Data Precision Enhancement tool. Only execute this tool if the value precision is not satisfying current customer requirements.
  • If you need to execute the tool, start the conversion process immediately after the Metasys Server installation or upgrade is complete.

To run the Data Precision Enhancement tool, you need the following:

  • A computer installed with Metasys Server Release 11.0 or later software.
  • A computer installed with an edition of Microsoft SQL Server or SQL Server Express that is supported for Metasys Release 11.0 or later.
  • A maximum database size of no more than 5 GB if you use SQL Server Express.
    Note: The JCIHistorian database size doubles when you run the Data Precision Enhancement tool. The database size cannot pass the 10 GB limit during this process. Use the Metasys Database Manager tool to determine the size of the JCIHistorian database.
  • An adequate amount of free disk space to prevent problems with a full SQL Transaction log.
    Important: Create a backup of the JCIHistorian database or manually ensure that there is enough disk space available before you begin the database conversion process. The conversion process could damage the database if there is not enough free disk space.