Data Precision Enhancement Tool Overview - Metasys - LIT-12012254 - Software Application - Metasys Database Manager - 13.0

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The Data Precision Enhancement tool increases the precision of the stored values in the ADS and ADX JCIHistorian database.

Before Metasys Server Release 8.0, the data was stored as a real data type in the database. For Metasys versions 8.0 and later, data is stored as float data type to increase precision. The tool converts the data type from Metasys versions 7.0 and earlier in the database from real to float to allow users continued access to existing data at Metasys Server Release 8.0 and later.

  • You do not always need to run the Data Precision Enhancement tool. Run this tool if the value precision is not satisfying current customer requirements.
  • If you need to execute the tool, start the conversion process immediately after the Metasys Server installation or upgrade is complete.