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DX-ADPT-FAC4911 Installation Guide

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Installation Guide
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Part No. 24-11064-00048
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Read the following before you install the DX-ADPT- FAC4911:
  • We do not recommend the use of the adapter assembly with the DX-9100 if it was initially installed onto a DIN rail. The adapter requires the use of mounting screws that were used in each corner of the DX base assembly.
  • A small number of the early models of the base adapters had a low voltage varistor. Do not use base units with a lot number / date code of 9851 or earlier. This information can be found on a label under the main unit. It may have a prefix of RY1 (and then the four digit date code).
  • Installation of the adapter requires the reuse of the DX-9100-8990 base. Be sure that the base unit is in working condition prior to installing the adapter assembly.
  • The original DX-9100-8454 controller had 30 inputs/outputs while the replacement FAC controller has 28 inputs/outputs. If more points are required, we recommend the use of an IOM module that is capable of controlling the DIs and AOs remaining from the existing configuration. You can connect these points in a manner that allows the points to be a part of the logic created in the FAC4911 .
    Note: Depending upon your application, it may be easier to just use the existing wire from the DX base to terminate to the controller. Splicing the wire may be required based on the location of the old to new I/O terminal.
  • The adapter is not suitable for use with the DX-9100-8996. This is the base used for door mounting of the controller in the control panel.
  • XT/XP modules will need to be replaced with one or more IOM modules. Choose the IOM best suited for your requirements.
    Note: An IOM module may need to be added in the panel to accommodate all the points needed from the original DX application.