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DIS1710 Local Controller Display Technical Bulletin

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DIS1710 Local Controller Display
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Technical Bulletin
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The Local Controller Display is an optional accessory to an NCE, FAC, or FEC that provides a user interface to the device. The display installs on the front door of the panel that houses the controller and is connected to the SA Bus. Figure 1 shows an example network of some controllers with Local Controller Displays.

Figure 1. FEC Controllers on the FC Bus

Figure 2 shows the dimensions and Figure 3 shows the physical features of the Local Controller Display. The same general design features also apply to NCEs and FECs models that have a built-in display.

Figure 2. Local Controller Display Dimensions, mm/in.

Figure 3. Local Controller Display Physical Features

The table below describes the purpose of each component on the Local Controller Display.

Table 1. Local Controller Display Components



Display Screen

Displays the controller’s user interface.

FC/SA Bus Port

Allows for Bluetooth RJ-12 6-pin device connection for commissioning purposes.


Used for interacting with the display.

Red Alarm LED

Not currently used.

Removable Back Plate

Used to hold the display onto the door of the enclosure.

Removable O-Ring

Fits inside gland around housing perimeter.

SA Bus Access Hole

Cutout section on the removable back plate through which the SA Bus connector cable can pass for connection to the display.