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DIS1710 Local Controller Display Technical Bulletin

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DIS1710 Local Controller Display
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Technical Bulletin
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A Password page is used when password access is enabled for the display. Passwords protect the display from unauthorized users. The display permits only one password for all users, and this password applies only to a single controller. For simplicity, you may want to use the same password for all controllers with displays.

The Password page is presented when you press the Esc key (Figure 1). From this page, individually select each character of your password. An asterisk masks each selected character. When you select Accept, the password is authenticated, and the Main Menu page is displayed. If the password entered is not valid, the message Authorization Failed is displayed. Password access to the display is granted until you log off manually, or until no keypad activity occurs during the idle timeout period.

Note: Password support is enabled and defined with CCT under the Display Configuration option. CCT is also used to disable the password if the password requirement is no longer desired. Password access cannot be disabled from the Local Controller Display.
Figure 1. Password Page