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DIS1710 Local Controller Display Technical Bulletin

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DIS1710 Local Controller Display
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Technical Bulletin
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The Idle/Favorites page is the default view for the controller. It shows a user-defined, ordered list of points selected from within the application running in the controller (Figure 1). Use CCT to specify which objects appear on this page.

Figure 1. Idle/Favorites Page

When more than four points are configured for the Idle page, the points list scrolls vertically down the page one line at a time. You can scroll the page one item at a time by using the Up and Down Arrow keys or scroll the page four items at a time by using the Left and Right Arrow keys. Each point appears in a single row and contains its name, value, and status. The point’s status is indicated by a symbol to the left of its name (Table 1). The value of the point is updated within 5 seconds of its change.

Table 1. Icons Used for Displaying Point Status


Description of Point Status


Point is in a normal state; no overrides.


Offline – Point is offline or unreliable. Actual value is unknown for offline.


Overridden – Point is in an overridden state.


Out Of Service – Point is currently out of service.


Alarm - Point is currently in alarm

Note: This icon will only display for points configured with BACnet Intrinsic Alarming that are in Alarm. The icon will not display for points configured with a JCI alarm extension that are in Alarm. JCI alarm extensions are defined at the engine, and therefore will not display on the DIS17.

The Idle/Favorites page reappears whenever you log off the display or the idle timeout period expires. Pressing the Esc key when the Idle/Favorites page is displayed allows you to log on, or if already logged on, to access the Main Menu.