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DIS1710 Local Controller Display Technical Bulletin

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DIS1710 Local Controller Display
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Technical Bulletin
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The pages that you access from the display’s Main Menu share a common layout and theme. For example, all pages have a page title and a scroll bar used to navigate up and down the list. The common areas of the screens are shown in the figure below.

Figure 1. Common Areas of the Local Controller Display

If a text field shown on the Local Controller Display exceeds the allocated width on the page, the text scrolls across the screen once and then remains left justified with trailing ellipses to indicate the entire text is not showing. For example, Floor1 Zone Temperature may be shortened as Floor1 Zone Temper…. Text characters not supported by any available character are displayed as asterisks.

Text is also shortened if the data field for the object exceeds the total allocated width. For example, if the value of an object is 12345.67, its name may be shortened to 12345 (depending on its initial length).

Pages on the Local Controller Display:

  • share a common method of row selection

  • use a common method of entering data within an editable field

  • support scrolling of rows and data that span multiple screens

  • show a scroll bar to indicate the scrolling feature is enabled

  • share a common method of wrapping row selection when the endpoints of the rows in a list have been reached

  • update their information every 5 seconds (Present Value and Reliability attributes) or 120 seconds (all other attributes)

You can select objects shown on the Local Controller Display when you configure the display with CCT. For details, refer to CCT Help.