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DIS1710 Local Controller Display Technical Bulletin

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DIS1710 Local Controller Display
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Technical Bulletin
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This document describes how to operate and troubleshoot the DIS1710 Local Controller Display. The display module is a user interface to a Network Control Engine (NCE) 25, Field Equipment Controller (FEC) 16 and 26, or Advanced Application Field Equipment Controller (FAC) 26 that does not have an integral display. For some NCE and FEC models, the display is a built-in component. Use this document for both the stand-alone and the built-in display models.

Note: The DIS1710 can be used on FAC family controllers; however, FAC schedules, real-time clock settings, trends, and intrinsic event logs are not accessible from the DIS1710 at Release 6.0.

This document does not describe how to commission the display with the Controller Configuration Tool (CCT). For details, refer to CCT Help (LIT-12011147).

See Related Documentation for additional information related to applying the Local Controller Display to your Metasys® network.