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DIS1710 Local Controller Display Technical Bulletin

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DIS1710 Local Controller Display
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Technical Bulletin
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The Local Controller Display has six keys that are used to navigate its menu structure:

Figure 1. Local Controller Display Keypad

  • Up/Down Arrows – Moves highlighted field up or down on the current display, or within a menu. Also allows for incrementing and decrementing a number or digit within a number, and transverses fields on pages that contain multiple fields.

  • Left/Right Arrows – Moves highlighted field to the right or left on the current display. Also allows for selecting a digit within a number for modification purposes, and scrolls the Idle page four items at a time.

  • Esc – Cancels the current data value or selection. Also returns to the previous page.

  • Enter – Performs the action of the highlighted field on the display. Also accesses the next menu level.

  • Escape + Enter (simultaneously) – logs off user. The display then returns to the Idle/Favorites page.

Note: All keys on the Local Controller Display have a repeat function in which the key action is repeated when the key is held down for more than 1 second. For example, if you hold down the Up key, the highlighted field moves up one selection each second. The repeat rate is the same for all the keys.