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DIS: Local Controller Display
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The DIS1710 Local Controller Display is designed for use with controllers without integral displays, including some NCE25, FEC16, FEC26, and FAC26 models. The display is installed on the front panel of the enclosure that houses the controller. You can commission the controller conveniently from the Field Controller/Sensor Actuator (FC/SA) Bus port on the front of the display without having to open the enclosure.

Note: The DIS1710 can be used on FAC family controllers; however, FAC schedules, real-time clock settings, trends, and intrinsic event logs are not accessible from the DIS1710 at Release 6.0.

Display features include a backlit LCD, easy-to-use keypad, and fast communication to the attached controller. You can conveniently adjust heating and cooling setpoints, view the room or outside air temperatures, select mode of operation (Day/Night), and much more.