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Controller Configuration Tool
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You can use the Controller Configuration Tool (CCT) to configure, simulate, commission, and transfer application files to the following devices:
  • Advanced Application Field Equipment Controllers (FACs)
  • Advanced Application Programmable Controllers (PCAs)
  • Expansion Input/Output Modules (PCXs)
  • Field Equipment Controllers (FECs)
  • General Purpose Application Controllers (CGMs and CGEs)
  • General Purpose Programmable Controllers (PCGs)
  • Input/Output Modules (IOMs)
  • Programmable Variable Air Volume Box Controllers (PCVs)
  • SNC Series Network Control Engines
  • Variable Air Volume Controllers (VAVs)
  • Variable Air Volume Modular Assembly Controllers (VMAs)
  • Variable Air Volume Terminal Equipment Controllers (CVMs and CVEs)
  • Expansion Modules (XPMs)

CCT operates in the following three modes that provide key functionality for your system:

  • Use the Configuration mode to select mechanical and control logic options for typical air handling, terminal unit, central plant, and VAV box mechanical systems. You can customize the standard logic provided by the system selection process to meet your specialized control logic requirements.
  • Use the Simulation mode to review the application logic as if you were commissioning the system. You can make adjustments to setpoints, inputs, or sensors during a simulation session to validate the logic before assigning the configuration to a specific controller. A simulation debugging console is also available to setup break points that pause the simulation session based on criteria that you set up. While viewing a simulation session, transitions taking place in the logic are highlighted for a few seconds to help you quickly identify where the changes occur.
  • Use the Commissioning mode to connect to a device and view actual data from that device. You can use this mode to monitor your device and set offsets, COVs, and polarity in addition to other parameter and detail changes.

For VAV applications, CCT includes an optional box flow test to automatically exercise all the VAV boxes. This ensures correct mechanical installation and correct configuration of the key flow setup parameters.

The ZFR Checkout Tool (ZCT) validates the wireless connectivity and health of your wireless mesh network. Refer to the ZFR Checkout Tool Help (LIT-12012292) for details.

Controller Application Files (CAFs) can be transferred and commissioned to a device through a wide variety of connection interfaces including: Supervisor Passthru, MAP 4.2+ / BACnet® router, CWCVT Wireless MS/TP Converter, ZigBee®, and Direct Ethernet.
Note: A Supervisor Passthru connection type requires CCT 14.0 or later when the server or engine is Metasys Release 11.0 or earlier The connection will fail with former CCT versions. In addition, an NxE Passthru connection requires the network engine's IP address and a valid user account.