Trivial network - Metasys - LIT-12013055 - Gateway/Router - Cisco Switch - 12.0

Cisco IE 2000 and IE 4010 Ethernet Switches for Metasys Networks Installation Instructions and Troubleshooting Guide

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Not every network requires a network switch. If a communication connection is not required outside of the connected devices, the following network is adequate for commissioning and operation.

Figure 1. IP Network that does not require a switch

Figure 1 illustrates a simple network where the CVEs are connected as a chain. The chain is terminated on one end by an network engine and on the other end by a laptop running SCT or CCT. You can optionally run packet capture software on the laptop to monitor its Ethernet port. Configure the CVEs with DHCP enabled and temporarily configure the network engine to have a static IP address from the Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA) address range: When powered up, CVEs search for a DHCP server. If the CVEs do not find a DHCP server, they self-assign an IPv4 APIPA address. At this point, the laptop that is running SCT can discover them. Configure the laptop to obtain and assign an IP address via DHCP. The CVEs can forward packets along the chain in both directions, so SCT is able to discover all of the CVEs.