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Cisco IE 2000 and IE 4010 Ethernet Switches for Metasys Networks Installation Instructions and Troubleshooting Guide

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Cisco Switch
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Troubleshooting Guide
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To verify that the correct switch configuration file is successfully loaded into a Cisco IE 2000 or IE 4010 switch at a bench, complete the following steps:
  1. Insert the SD card for the switch into the switch’s SD card slot prior to connecting the Ethernet cables to the uplink ports of the switch. At minimum, the SD card must contain the following files:
    1. The switch-specific configuration file. You must name the switch configuration file config.text (case sensitive).
    2. A copy of the iOS .bin file for the switch. For example, the IE2000-universalk9-mz.152-6.E2a.bin for an IE 2000 switch.
    3. An empty ssh.enable file.
    4. Power cycle the switch.
  2. Connect a laptop to the local maintenance port of the switch once the system (SYS) and one or both power (PSU) LEDs on the switch appear steady green. Steady green indicates the switch start-up is completed. Port 8 is always configured as the local maintenance port on the IE 2000 switches. Port 19 is always configured as the local maintenance port on the IE 4010 switches. Configure the laptop to obtain its IP address via Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).
  3. Verify that the laptop is assigned the laptop IP address corresponding to the switch as specified in the Installation Sheet.
  4. Connect a powered up IP-based field controller controller to FE1 and FE2. Confirm that there is one solid FE light and one blinking FE light.
    Note: If the IP-based field controller is in the factory state, use CCT or SIS BACnet Explorer to locate the IP-based field controller by instance number range 2000001 to 2000999 or use the instance number downloaded into the controller.
  5. Verify that the IP-based field controller is assigned an IP address corresponding to the switch and defined ring, as specified in the installation sheet.

Optional. Repeat steps 4-6 for each additional Ring, using FE3 and FE4 for Ring 2, and using FE5 and FE6 for Ring 3. You have to power cycle the IP-based field controller because the DHCP lease is of 10 minutes duration.