Cisco IE 4010 switch applications - Metasys - LIT-12013055 - Gateway/Router - Cisco Switch - 12.0

Cisco IE 2000 and IE 4010 Ethernet Switches for Metasys Networks Installation Instructions and Troubleshooting Guide

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In a IP network designed using JCI's IP Network Wizard, the IE 4010 switch is specified as an aggregations switch. It is possible to use the IE 4010 as an access switch, but the architectures supported by the IP Network Wizard specify IE 2000 switches as access switches.

The IE 4010 switch is a managed switch that has several traffic management features. However, you must enable these features in the switch configuration. The workflow for Johnson Controls systems is to use the Metasys IP Network Wizard to develop the switch configuration in the branch office, and then load the configuration onto the switch at the time of installation. This guide does not cover switch configuration. For information on switch configuration, refer to the Cisco Industrial Ethernet 4000, 4010 and 5000 Switch Software Configuration Guide available at: