Additional IOS commands - Metasys - LIT-12013055 - Gateway/Router - Cisco Switch - 12.0

Cisco IE 2000 and IE 4010 Ethernet Switches for Metasys Networks Installation Instructions and Troubleshooting Guide

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Table 1. CISCO IOS command line commands available in unprivileged mode
Command Explanation
enable Enter privileged mode
ping Check for communication between the switch and IP address

The following useful commands are available in privileged modes. If you ssh into the switch from the maintenance port, you are automatically placed in the first privileged mode.

Table 2. CISCO IOS Command Line Commands Available in Privileged Mode
Command Explanation
cd Change working directory
pwd Show working directory
copy config.text config_Jan01.text Make a copy of a config.text file
delete config_Jan01.text Delete the file that has the name config_Jan01.text. To confirm the deletion, press the Enter key.
dir sdflash: List the files on the SD card
copy running-config flash:config.text

Copy configuration from memory to switch flash. It takes effect after you restart the switch.

Note: If you use an SD card, copy the running config to the SD card so that the SD card has the current configuration running on the switch. To copy the running config to the SD card, enter copy running-config sdflash:config.text. You can use the copy to restore the running configuration if the switch is restarted, or if the current switch fails and the SD card is moved to the replacement switch. If the config.text file is present on the SD card, the switch boots using this file.
reload Restart the switch, loading the configuration from the last saved version
show clock Check the time setting
clock set hh:mm:ss dd mm yyyy Change the time setting
copy sdflash:config.text config.text Copy the SD card to switch flash
sync sdflash: flash: Copies all of flash card to switch memory
locate-switch Command the EXP indicator LED to blink green. This is useful when you log on to a switch over the network, and need to identify the physical switch.