Adding miscellaneous control points for single-duct VAV systems - Metasys - LIT-12013631 - M4-CVM Actuator - Release 11.0

CV Series Controller Actuator Feedback Application Note

Product name
M4-CVM Actuator
Document type
Application Note
Document number
Release 11.0
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Product status

Miscellaneous control points enable the hardware to detect if integrated feedback is present in order to determine if automatic calibration of the feedback position is enabled.

About this task

To add miscellaneous control points, complete the following steps:


  1. In the upper right of the Output Miscellaneous window, click the Add icon.
  2. Type Flag in the Filter field. Locate the Autocalibration Flag and the Integrated Position Flag function for the Supply Damper Application.
  3. Click the Count box and change the count to 1 for both functions.
  4. Click Finish.