Use SCT to create the complete archive - Metasys - LIT-12013511 - Supervisory Device - BERT Smart Plugs - 10.1

Bert Plug Load Control and Metasys Integration Guide

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BERT Smart Plugs
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Integration Guide
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When all the required columns of the RAC schedule spreadsheet have been populated correctly, you are ready to import into SCT and use the Rapid Archive feature as the easy way to populate your entire All Items tree with devices and point objects, complete your Metasys UI spaces tree, and create equipment definition files.

Be sure to first save your RAC schedule worksheet as a CSV file (comma delimited).

  1. In the All Items tree, select the NAE for the integration.
  2. On the Facility menu, select Rapid Archive. The Rapid Archive Field Controller wizard appears.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Click Import, browse to the location of the Rapid Archive Schedule .csv file, then click Import.
  5. After the import completes, the Import Room Schedule dialog appears. Click OK.
  6. Review the table of information. A cell highlighted in red indicates an error. If there are any errors, hover your mouse over the cell for more information, click Cancel, modify the Rapid Archive Schedule spreadsheet to correct the errors, and repeat the process from Step 3. Typical errors include cells that are too long, or the use of unaccepted special characters.
  7. If there are no errors and the information looks complete and correct, click Save.
  8. Refresh the All Items tree to verify that your Bert devices and points populated correctly.