Exporting the Bert device information from the Bert Connect Gateway - Metasys - LIT-12013511 - Supervisory Device - BERT Smart Plugs - 10.1

Bert Plug Load Control and Metasys Integration Guide

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BERT Smart Plugs
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Integration Guide
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Two necessary pieces of information are needed from the Bert Connect Gateway: the names of the Bert devices and their respective BACnet instance IDs. Conveniently, you can export this information from the database on the Bert Connect Gateway and use it to populate the RAC schedule.

  1. There is a SQL database client on the Bert Connect Gateway called SQLyog. Open this client and connect into the database using the already-populated values.
  2. From the tree view, expand the Bert_bacnet_server and click on Bert.
  3. From the main menu bar, go to Table > Export / Import > Export Table Data > As CSV
  4. Save the CSV file. This file contains several columns, but the main ones you need are the names in column D and the BACnet instance numbers in column M. The instance numbers in column M are in hexadecimal format and must be converted to decimal. This can be done in Excel using the Hex2Dec() function.