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Bert Plug Load Control and Metasys Integration Guide

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BERT Smart Plugs
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Integration Guide
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Bert devices deliver the following features and benefits:
  • Electric consumption monitoring—Monitor and trend the real-time electrical wattage, voltage, and current draw from all plug loads and electrical circuits in a space. Use a Metasys Totalization extension object on the Power (wattage) BACnet point to accumulate and trend kWh used on a monthly, annual, or lifetime basis.
  • Energy savings—Power plug loads on and off by commanding the Relay State through the Metasys UI, schedules, the DLLR (Demand Limiting Load Rolling) object, the Multiple Command and Interlock objects, and using the flexible automation programming logic.
  • Electricity monitoring—Calculate kWh electricity use and savings over time, and display the information in Metasys UI graphical dashboards for access by facility teams and occupants.
  • Temperature management—Calibrate the integral temperature sensors in the Bert devices to help monitor temperatures throughout the spaces. Metasys alarms can be used to alert the facilities team of warm electrical closets and occupant spaces.
  • Wi-Fi monitoring—Use the integral RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) values to help monitor the real-time Wi-Fi network access throughout the spaces. Metasys alarms can be used to alert the facilities team to poor Wi-Fi coverage areas or wireless access point outages.
  • Sophisticated device management—Schedule On/Off times, set a temperature-based control with high and low set points, or use a power threshold-based control to manage sensitive equipment.
  • Increased BAS operational efficiency—Add miscellaneous electric loads to existing load shedding and demand response programs, collect wireless temperature data from any location, and manage Window AC and PTAC units alongside other HVAC controls.
  • Integration—Bert devices can be used in a number of ways when integrated with Metasys. Metasys can monitor and control the Bert devices through a BACnet IP integration. For further information refer to https://Bertbrain.com/integration/.