Prerequisites for commissioning Bert Devices - Metasys - LIT-12013511 - Supervisory Device - BERT Smart Plugs - 10.1

Bert Plug Load Control and Metasys Integration Guide

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BERT Smart Plugs
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The Bert team typically performs or helps with the commissioning process. From their office, the Bert team can configure the Bert devices with the correct destination Wi-Fi settings so the Bert devices can automatically connect to the building Wi-Fi if it is available. If the Bert Connect Gateway IP address is known and configured, the Bert devices automatically communicate with the Bert Connect Gateway.

However, if you are doing the commissioning yourself with factory default Bert devices, you need the following:

  • A temporary Windows laptop with the Bert Brain 1000 software installed.
  • A mini TP-LINK or similar wireless router that has been preconfigured with a Wi-Fi SSID of GPT and passphrase of BERTBRAIN that the factory default Bert devices can recognize and automatically connect to.
  • The building Wi-Fi credentials of an IoT Wi-Fi network that the Bert devices can connect to; this also allows them to communicate with the Bert Connect Gateway IP. An IT professional may need to verify the VLAN can support this communication.
  • The IP address of the Bert Connect Gateway that must be installed and on the network. The Bert Connect Gateway is either the Bert software installed on a customer-provided computer or Virtual Machine (VM) with Windows or Windows Server OS, or a device provided by Bert.

After all the Bert devices have been installed and are powered on, the commissioning process can begin.

If the green LED on each Bert device is continually flashing, the Bert device has not yet been commissioned to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Once the Bert devices have connected to Wi-Fi, the green LED flashes 2 or 3 times every 10 seconds.