Commissioning Bert devices - Metasys - LIT-12013511 - Supervisory Device - BERT Smart Plugs - 10.1

Bert Plug Load Control and Metasys Integration Guide

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BERT Smart Plugs
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Integration Guide
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To commission the Bert devices, complete the following steps:

  1. Take the laptop and wireless router into the space where the Bert devices are installed.
  2. Plug in the router and allow it to broadcast its GPT wireless network. The Bert devices within range should start to automatically connect to the router and get their DHCP IP addresses from the router.
  3. If not already connected, connect your laptop to the same GPT network.
  4. On the laptop, start the Bert Brain 1000 software. This automatically starts to discover and list the Bert devices found on the GPT network. It may take about 5-10 minutes to find all the Bert devices within range.
  5. Since the Bert devices start with generic names, you need to use the Bert Brain 1000 software to rename each Bert device with its location or function, such as RM 102 Monitor, Kitchen Microwave, North Hallway East Outlet, or Men's Restroom Circuit.
    Note: The Bert Brain 1000 software knows each Bert device by its unique MAC address. You should know the location of each Bert device from its unique MAC address recorded during installation. Follow the Bert Brain 1000 documentation on how to rename Bert devices.
  6. Use the temporary laptop with Bert Brain 1000 software and GPT wireless router to test and monitor the Bert devices and download local schedules. If regular monitoring and control of the Bert devices is not needed, and the Bert devices run off local schedules, then you probably do not need a permanent Bert Connect Gateway or integration. If a more permanent installation or an integration with Metasys or another BAS is required, then proceed with the commissioning process.
  7. Transfer the Bert devices to a permanent Wi-Fi network with a permanent Bert Connect Gateway. Follow the Bert Brain 1000 documentation on how to set up the Bert devices. This documentation guides you through the steps to configure the new Wi-Fi settings and Bert Connect Gateway IP address for each Bert device. This process can configure multiple Bert devices at once, and requires only a of couple seconds for each Bert device.
    Note: You need to know the new Wi-Fi credentials (SSID and passphrase) and the IP address of the permanent Bert Connect Gateway before performing this step.
  8. Each Bert device restarts when it receives its new configuration. This causes it to leave the GPT wireless network and join the new wireless network you configured in step 7. Your temporary laptop should no longer be able to see the Bert devices, so you must use the permanent Bert Connect Gateway with either Bert Brain 1000 software or the BACnet service running in order to see and control the Bert devices from this point onwards.
    Note: The Bert Brain 1000 software and the BACnet service cannot be running at the same time. You can use the Bert Brain 1000 software application to monitor and control Bert devices, or if an integration with Metasys or another BAS is preferred, run the BACnet service.
  9. If communication difficulties occur while commissioning a Bert device, hold the button on the Bert device for 15 seconds to activate the ad-hoc mode. This action provides point-to-point Wi-Fi access to the Bert device for 30 minutes. You can then connect to that Bert's Wi-Fi SSID with the temporary laptop and use the Bert Brain 1000 software to commission the Bert. For further information, refer to