Minimum site requirements to use BACnet/SC - Metasys - LIT-12013959 - 13.0

BACnet/SC Workflow Technical Bulletin

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Note: If a site cannot fulfill the needs of the manual certificate distribution approach, that site should not enable BACnet/SC communication. See Manual certificate distribution for more details about manual certificate distribution.
The following is a list of the minimum requirements for a site to use BACnet/SC communication:
  • There must be a mechanism to generate trusted operational certificates for each device and tool that will communicate through BACnet/SC. A site can use their own Certificate Authority to sign the communication certificates.
    Important: The site must be willing to manage the expiration of the BACnet/SC certificates, or risk losing communication with devices that are communicating through BACnet/SC.
  • The site uses Metasys UI or Johnson Controls System Configuration Tool (JCT). You need to use the BACnet/SC Management feature that is part of Metasys UI or JCT to manage the certificates for Metasys devices. Third-party devices that communicate BACnet/SC require the use of their own tool to manage the certificates.
  • You need a license for BACnet/SC if you use BACnet/SC on a Server site. You do not need a license for Engine-only sites

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