Adding a new IP equipment controller to a BACnet/SC site with archive download - Metasys - LIT-12013959 - 13.0

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Assumption: You want to install a new IP equipment controller and then enable BACnet/SC on the IP equipment controller. You install the IP equipment controller and it connects to the network. As BACnet/SC is enabled on the site, none of the supervisory devices are currently supporting BACnet/IP. The IP equipment controller communicates through BACnet/IP as its factory default. The site meets the requirements described in Minimum site requirements to use BACnet/SC.

Note: You cannot enable BACnet/SC in the archive as part of an upgrade, because devices do not communicate through BACnet/SC until they have trusted certificates signed by the CA for the site and adding an operational certificate is an online operation.


  1. Add a new IP equipment controller to the BACnet integration with the Create Item wizard in JCT. Refer to Creating and deleting objects in Johnson Controls System Configuration Tool (JCT) Help (LIT-12012116) for details. At this point, the new IP equipment controller communicates through BACnet/IP mode only.
  2. Download the engine with the IP equipment controller added to it. It is expected that the new IP equipment controller appears offline, because its communication mode is set to BACnet/IP, whereas the engine is set to BACnet/SC.
  3. To enable communication between the engine and the new IP equipment controller, set the communication mode of the engine to Dual SC and IP Mode. See Setting the communication mode for details.
    Important: If the new IP equipment controller to add is on a different subnet than the engine it is being integrated into, you must set up BBMDs, so that the engine can discover the IP equipment controller. When the device is integrated and Secure Connect Only is enabled, the BBMDs are no longer needed.