Adding BACnet Devices to the BACnet and MSTP Integrations using the Import Integration Wizard - Metasys - LIT-1201531 - System Integration - BACnet Controller Integration - 11.0

BACnet Controller Integration Technical Bulletin

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BACnet Controller Integration
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Technical Bulletin
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About this task


  1. On the navigation tree, click the integration you want to add a device to.
  2. On the Action menu, select Import Integration. The Open files screen appears.
  3. Locate and select the import file that matches the integration. Then click Open. The Import Integration screen appears.
    Figure 1. Import Integration Screen

  4. Click Go. The Import Integration starts.
  5. After the Import Integration is complete, a notification message appears.
    If the import file does not match the integration, an Alert notice appears.
  6. Click OK. Repeat this process for each device you want to add.